シラバス Syllabus

担当教員 Instructor Name Chang Chih Hao
コード Couse Code NUC206_N21A
授業形態 Class Type 講義 Regular course
授業形式 Class Format On Campus
単位 Credits 2
言語 Language EN
科目区分 Course Category 専門専門科目200系 / Specialized Subject 200
学位 Degree BSc
開講情報 Terms / Location 2021 UG Nisshin Term2

授業の概要 Course Overview

LG1 Critical Thinking
LG2 Diversity Awareness
LG4 Effective Communication
English Writing 1 is an introductory college-level writing course designed to improve students’ critical thinking and academic writing skills. Students will explore various aspects of the English language by reading different types of texts and learn the basic conventions of paragraph writing. Through specialized instruction and practice, students will also gain a solid foundation of English grammar. A strong emphasis will be placed on active participation from all students.

本授業の該当ラーニングゴール Learning Goals


LG1 Critical Thinking
LG2 Diversity Awareness
LG4 Effective Communication

受講後得られる具体的スキルや知識 Learning Outcomes

With diligent work throughout the term, students will be able to make progress toward the following objectives:
1. understand the structure of English phrases, clauses, and sentences;
2. demonstrate good knowledge of English grammar; and
3. familiarize with academic paragraph writing.

SDGsとの関連性 Relevance to Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4 質の高い教育をみんなに(Quality Education)

教育手法 Teaching Method

教育手法 Teaching Method % of Course Time
インプット型 Traditional 80 %
参加者中心型 Participant-Centered Learning ケースメソッド Case Method 20 %
フィールドメソッド Field Method 0 %
合計 Total 100 %

学習方法、レポート、課題に対するフィードバック方法 Course Approach, Report, Feedback methods

Your homework, even if there is no official assignment, is to preview and think about the material for next class so that you can be prepared with interesting ideas and be an active speaker and listener during class time. To promote student learning, written assignments will be returned no later than two weeks after the due date.

授業スケジュール Course Schedule


Week 1 Course introduction & Overview
Unit 1 Paragraphs


Week 2 Unit 1 Paragraphs


Week 3–4 Unit 2 Features of Good Writing


Week 3–4 Unit 2 Features of Good Writing


Week 5–6 Unit 3 Types of Paragraphs


Week 5–6 Unit 3 Types of Paragraphs


Week 7 Review

成績評価方法 Evaluation Criteria

講師用内規準拠 Method of Assessment Weights
予習レポート Preparation Report 0 %
コールドコール Cold Call 10 %
授業内での挙手発言 Class Contribution 10 %
ケース試験 Case Exam 0 %
参加者による相互評価 Peer Assessment 50 %
シミュレーション成績 Simulation 0 %
小テスト Quizzes / Tests 0 %
最終レポート Final Report 0 %
期末試験 Final Exam 30 %
合計 Total 100 %

評価の留意事項 Notes on Evaluation Criteria

Class attendance is made mandatory by the Ministry of Education. In addition,
professors in general do not lecture directly from course materials each class
day, so attendance is essential to gain an understanding and mastery of the
course. Students are expected to arrive on time and to stay for the entire class
period. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class, and students
who arrive late to class should see me after the class to have that absence
removed. Three late arrivals will count as one absence. If a student misses
classes four or more times, he or she will automatically fail the course. It is the
student’s responsibility to inquire about missed assignments and to get missed
notes or handouts from a fellow classmate.

You will receive information about assignments at the appropriate time. Late
submissions will be penalized 10% of the earned score for each late day
(weekends count as one day); no assignment will be accepted after one week
past its due date. You might be asked to resubmit your graded assignments at the
end of the semester, so please hold onto them for the term.

Final exam
Final exam will be administered during the official finals week at the end of the
term. Detailed information on the format of the test will be given in Week 7.

使用ケース一覧 List of Cases


教科書 Textbook

  • Keith S. Folse , Elena Vestri Solomon, David Clabeaux「Great Writing 3: From Great Paragraphs to Great Essays (5th edition)」National Geographic/(ELT)(2019)

参考文献・資料 Additional Readings and Resource

Grammar Connection: Structure Through Content, ISBN-13: 978-1413008401
Great Writing 4: Great Essays (5th edition), ISBN-13: 978-0357020852
Paragraphs and Essays: With Integrated Readings (13th edition), ISBN-13: 978-

授業調査に対するコメント Comment on Course Evaluation

To meet the learning objectives, we will use a variety of materials and activities. Please
bring the following to every class:
• pens & highlighters of at least two different colors
• a dictionary (e.g., smartphone dictionary app or electronic dictionary

担当教員のプロフィール About the Instructor 

Chih Hao Chang completed his M.Sc. at The University of Edinburgh and his Doctoral (PhD) degree at Nagoya University. His main research centers on Sociology of Education. He has related interests in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Second Language Acquisition (SLA), and Educational Policy Studies and Shadow Education.

(実務経験 Work experience)

He has taught in Taiwanese universities over the past few years.

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