シラバス Syllabus

授業名 経営戦略論
Course Title Strategic Management
担当教員 Instructor Name 石井 正道(Masamichi Ishii)
コード Couse Code NUC194_N23B
授業形態 Class Type 講義 Regular course
授業形式 Class Format On Campus
単位 Credits 2
言語 Language JP
科目区分 Course Category 専門教育科目300系 / Specialized Subject 300
学位 Degree BSc
開講情報 Terms / Location 2023 UG Nisshin Term4

授業の概要 Course Overview

Misson Statementとの関係性 / Connection to our Mission Statement

Our school's mission is to educate innovative and ethical leaders who possess a ʻFrontier Spiritʼ and to create knowledge that advances business and society. In line with the mission, the objectives of this course are to provide students with basics of strategic management which is indispensable to develop leadership.

授業の目的(意義) / Importance of this course

Today, companies are surrounded by rapidly changing enviroment and numerous competitors. Under this situation, it is very important for learders to have the ability to set up appropriate goals and figure out smart ways to reach those goals, which can be called strategic management ability. Because of its importance, a significant amount of research has been conducted on strategic management in the past decades all over the world, and a lot of theories have been developed. This course is to give students opportunities to study those theories and examples of how to use those theories, by which students can develop foundation of strategic management.

到達目標 / Achievement Goal


The goal is to provide students with basic knowledge of strategy and to equip them with the basic ability by which they can judge whether existing strategies are good or bad and they can formulate strategies by themselves.

本授業の該当ラーニングゴール Learning Goals


LG1 Critical Thinking
LG3 Ethical Decision Making
LG5 Business Perspectives (BSc)

受講後得られる具体的スキルや知識 Learning Outcomes


The ability to think strategically

SDGsとの関連性 Relevance to Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4 質の高い教育をみんなに(Quality Education)

教育手法 Teaching Method

教育手法 Teaching Method % of Course Time
インプット型 Traditional 40 %
参加者中心型 Participant-Centered Learning ケースメソッド Case Method 60 %
フィールドメソッド Field Method 0 %
合計 Total 100 %

事前学修と事後学修の内容、レポート、課題に対するフィードバック方法 Pre- and Post-Course Learning, Report, Feedback methods


授業スケジュール Course Schedule






















成績評価方法 Evaluation Criteria

講師用内規準拠 Method of Assessment Weights
コールドコール Cold Call 0 %
授業内での挙手発言 Class Contribution 25 %
クラス貢献度合計 Class Contribution Total 25 %
予習レポート Preparation Report 0 %
小テスト Quizzes / Tests 0 %
シミュレーション成績 Simulation 0 %
ケース試験 Case Exam 0 %
最終レポート Final Report 25 %
期末試験 Final Exam 50 %
参加者による相互評価 Peer Assessment 0 %
合計 Total 100 %

評価の留意事項 Notes on Evaluation Criteria


使用ケース一覧 List of Cases


教科書 Textbook

  • マイケル・A・ヒットなど「戦略経営論 第3版」同友館(2021)9784775940198

参考文献・資料 Additional Readings and Resource

[1]J.B.バーニー(2003)『企業戦略論 (上)基本編』ダイヤモンド社、ISBN4-478-37452-X
[2]沼上 幹(2009)『経営戦略の思考法』日本経済新聞社、ISBN-978-4-532-31478-1
[3]R. Wittington (2001) What is Strategy and does it matter ? 2nd edition、London: Thomson,ISBN-978-1-86152-377-8

授業調査に対するコメント Comment on Course Evaluation


担当教員のプロフィール About the Instructor 

(1) 学位と取得大学(修士以上) : 修士(Master in Public Policy) ハーバード大学 : 博士(学術)東京大学
(2) 研究分野 : イノベーション・マネジメント、アントレプレナーシップ
(3) 主な論文(過去5年3編)
Ishii,M."Entrepreneurial activity for discontinuous innovation in established companies," International Journal of Business and Globalisation, Vol.34, No.2:204-218, 2023.
Ishii, M. "Entrepreneurship and prediction," NUCB Journal of Economics, Management and Humanities, Vol.67 : 1-12, 2023.
(4) 主な著書
『非連続イノベーションの戦略的マネジメント(改訂版)』 、石井正道、白桃書房、2021

●Academic degree and university name (above master’s degree)
Master in Public Policy (Harvard University's Kennedy School)
Ph.D.(University of Tokyo) in the field of Innovation Management
●Research Field: Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship
●Main article(s) (In the past 5 years)
Ishii,M."Entrepreneurial activity for discontinuous innovation in established companies,"International Journal of Business and Globalisation, Vol.34, No.2:204-218, 2023
Ishii, M. "Entrepreneurship and prediction," NUCB journal of Economics, Management and Humanities, Vol.67 : 1-12, 2023.
●Main book(s)
Strategic Management of Discontinuous Innovation (Revised Version), Masamichi Ishii, Hakutou, 2021

(実務経験 Work experience)

1977 〜 1996 清水建設株式会社 技術本部 研究開発マネジメント担当
1996 〜 1999 ハーバード大学フェアバンク東アジア研究センター及びケネディスクール政治行政大学院でリサーチアシスタント及び日米共同研究プロジェクトマネジャー
2002 〜 2005 文部科学省科学技術政策研究所 上席研究官
2005 〜 2008 文部科学省科学技術政策研究所 客員研究官
2009 〜 2010 東京大学人工物工学研究センター価値創成イニシアティブ(住友商事)寄付研究部門 特任准教授(常勤)

1977 〜 1996 Shimizu Corporation Technology Division: Manager for Technology Development
1996 〜 1999 Harvard University's Fairbank Center for East Asia Studies and Kennedy School: Research Associate and Project Manager for US Japan Joint Research Project
2002 〜 2005 National Institute of Science and Technology Policy:Senior Researcher
2005 〜 2008 National Institute of Science and Technology Policy: Visiting Researcher
2009 〜 2010 University of Tokyo's Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering, Sumitomo Project: Associate Professor

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Refereed Proceedings

  • (2017). Strategy process for discontinuous innovation from evolutionary perspectives. SMS 37TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE .Strategic Management Society. 1. 2. Houston, Texas, USA
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