シラバス Syllabus

授業名 セミナー 2
Course Title SEMINAR 2
担当教員 Instructor Name 関根 豪政(Takemasa Sekine)
コード Couse Code NUC060_N21B
授業形態 Class Type 演習 Practicum
授業形式 Class Format On Campus
単位 Credits 2
言語 Language JP
科目区分 Course Category 共通専門教育科目300系 / Specialized Subject 300
学位 Degree BSc
開講情報 Terms / Location 2021 UG Nisshin Fall

授業の概要 Course Overview


This course may contribute to the development of "education of innovative and ethical leaders" as the seminar requires students to create innovative ideas and think about ethics through the examination of legal issues.
In Seminar 2, students continue endeavor to enhance the communication abilities. At the same time they will seek the topic for their graduation theses. During this process, they learn the communication for more specialized topics. In this sense, Seminar 2 is advanced from Seminar 1.
For the students who have decided the topic for their graduation theses, Seminar 2 will provide a chance to learn how to manage their graduation theses. They learn the way to structure the thesis and explain reasonings.
This Seminar will enhance the communication ability backed by more professional knowledge.

本授業の該当ラーニングゴール Learning Goals


LG1 Critical Thinking
LG2 Diversity Awareness
LG3 Ethical Decision Making
LG4 Effective Communication

受講後得られる具体的スキルや知識 Learning Outcomes


Students may develop the ability for proper communication.

SDGsとの関連性 Relevance to Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4 質の高い教育をみんなに(Quality Education)

教育手法 Teaching Method

教育手法 Teaching Method % of Course Time
インプット型 Traditional 30 %
参加者中心型 Participant-Centered Learning ケースメソッド Case Method 0 %
フィールドメソッド Field Method 70 %
合計 Total 100 %

学習方法、レポート、課題に対するフィードバック方法 Course Approach, Report, Feedback methods


授業スケジュール Course Schedule















成績評価方法 Evaluation Criteria

講師用内規準拠 Method of Assessment Weights
予習レポート Preparation Report 0 %
コールドコール Cold Call 10 %
授業内での挙手発言 Class Contribution 50 %
ケース試験 Case Exam 0 %
参加者による相互評価 Peer Assessment 0 %
シミュレーション成績 Simulation 20 %
小テスト Quizzes / Tests 0 %
最終レポート Final Report 20 %
期末試験 Final Exam 0 %
合計 Total 100 %

評価の留意事項 Notes on Evaluation Criteria


使用ケース一覧 List of Cases


教科書 Textbook

  • 関根豪政「国際貿易法入門」ちくま新書(2021)4480074147

参考文献・資料 Additional Readings and Resource


授業調査に対するコメント Comment on Course Evaluation


担当教員のプロフィール About the Instructor 

慶応義塾大学法学研究科博士課程、慶応義塾大学法学研究科助教(有期・研究奨励)、日本学術振興会・特別研究員(PD)、学習院大学や大宮法科大学院大学等の非常勤講師を経て、現職。 現在、内閣府・政府調達苦情検討委員会の委員も務める。主な研究分野としては、国際経済法の領域でも特に、「貿易と環境」、「対抗措置と比例性」、「WTOと自由貿易協定(FTA)の関係」等といったテーマの研究に取り組んでいる。

Takemasa SEKINE is an Associate Professor at Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (NUCB) in Japan. He received his legal education at Keio University, Japan (Ph.D. and LL.M) and was later engaged as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS). He is currently a board member of the Government Procurement Review Board in Japan, and also joining research projects hosted by Japanese governmental institutions, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI).

Refereed Articles

  • (2019) The Possibility of Enhancing Subsidy Disciplines: The EU's Attempts through the Free Trade Agreements. Financial Review 140
  • (2019) The US–Japan trade deal: small agreement, broad implications. East Asia Forum
  • (2018) Enhanced Third Party Rights under the WTO Dispute Settlement System. Manchester Journal of International Economic Law 15(3): 1742-3945
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