シラバス Syllabus

担当教員 Instructor Name 平松 千明(Chiaki Hiramatsu)
コード Couse Code NUC048_N24A
授業形態 Class Type 講義 Regular course
授業形式 Class Format On Campus
単位 Credits 2
言語 Language EN
科目区分 Course Category 教養教育科目100系 / Liberal Arts 100
学位 Degree BSc
開講情報 Terms / Location 2024 UG Nisshin Term2

授業の概要 Course Overview

Misson Statementとの関係性 / Connection to our Mission Statement

1. Relevance to NUCB Mission Statement
This course aims to enhance students' English proficiency, by tackling TOEIC Reading/Listening
questions. Students must gain excellent English command to "succeed in the
globalized business reality" because English has already become the global language.

授業の目的(意義) / Importance of this course

2. Importance of this Course
This course concentrates on reinforcing the knowledge of basic grammatical/ vocabulary
rules: students will be able to improve their English proficiency, targeting TOEIC Score for 500.
This course employs integrated-skill approach and students will be able to enhance both reading and listening skills in parallel.

1.This is a TOEIC-Compulsory Subject where students are required to take a TOEIC in May. If you do not take the TOEIC, you will lose the credits for failing to complete the course (regarded as being "incomplete"). * This does not apply to first-year students.

2. As clearly indicated above, this course is intended for students who aim for a TOEIC score of 500, not those with a score of 500 and over.

The course schedule is subject to change, depending on the needs/progress of the class.
Please bring a piece of paper for vocabulary quizzes.

到達目標 / Achievement Goal

3. Achievement Goals
This course aims to motivate students to study English diligently and autonomously, which could
serve as a springboard to further international learning/working experiences: students will be able to
achieve an international perspective and cross-cultural communication skills.
This course provides a lot of opportunities to be exposed to cultural and linguistic differences: students
will be able to become an engaged and global-minded person.

本授業の該当ラーニングゴール Learning Goals


LG2 Diversity Awareness
LG4 Effective Communication
LG7 International Perspectives (BA)

受講後得られる具体的スキルや知識 Learning Outcomes

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:
(1) to gain both practical knowledge of and active vocabulary for Business English
(2) to read English without going back over the same parts
(3) to listen to English without translating into Japanese
(4) to develop confidence and motivation in English learning

SDGsとの関連性 Relevance to Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4 質の高い教育をみんなに(Quality Education)

教育手法 Teaching Method

教育手法 Teaching Method % of Course Time
インプット型 Traditional 70 %
参加者中心型 Participant-Centered Learning ケースメソッド Case Method 30 %
フィールドメソッド Field Method 0 %
合計 Total 100 %

事前学修と事後学修の内容、レポート、課題に対するフィードバック方法 Pre- and Post-Course Learning, Report, Feedback methods

1. Course Approach
Students are expected to spend 3 hours for independent study ( preparation and review for a class). In-class tasks: group work or pair work activities

2. Feedback Methods
Interactive lectures allow students to receive individual feedback on both the results of at-home
assignments and in-class tasks. Oral or written feedback will be provided in class or through Google Classroom.

3. Use of Information Centre for this course
Students are expected to expose themselves to as much English as possible, by reading/listening/
watching materials there to practice using what they already learned in class.

授業スケジュール Course Schedule


Introduction To Class (Policy; Syllabus; Grading, etc)

Using content words to predict what you will hear
Who and where questions


Vocabulary Quiz

Using content words to predict what you will hear
Who and where questions


Vocabulary Quiz

7Reading Comprehension
Answering the easy questions first
Answering specific information questions
Using context to answer vocabulary questions


Vocabulary Quiz

10 Conversations
Expressing opinions
Using the 40-second rule to answer questions quickly
Answering what questions

Case study

tentative list: "choosing the best location" If there is a change of the tentative list, it will be announced in advance during the class.


Vocabulary Quiz

11 Talks
Voice mails and recorded messages
Tactics review; listening for specific details
When, why, and how questions

Case study

tentative list: "choosing the best candidate"
If there is a change of the tentative list, it will be announced in advance during the class.


Vocabulary Quiz

14 Reading Comprehension
Answering main idea questions and inference questions
Answering connecting information questions
Answering NOT questions

Case study

tentative list: "discussing products" If there is a change of the tentative list, it will be announced in advance during the class.


Vocabulary Quiz

Review test 2

成績評価方法 Evaluation Criteria

講師用内規準拠 Method of Assessment Weights
コールドコール Cold Call 0 %
授業内での挙手発言 Class Contribution 20 %
クラス貢献度合計 Class Contribution Total 20 %
予習レポート Preparation Report 20 %
小テスト Quizzes / Tests 30 %
シミュレーション成績 Simulation 0 %
ケース試験 Case Exam 0 %
最終レポート Final Report 0 %
期末試験 Final Exam 30 %
参加者による相互評価 Peer Assessment 0 %
合計 Total 100 %

評価の留意事項 Notes on Evaluation Criteria

1.Class contribution refers to students' active participation in-class tasks and their attitude during the class.
2. Case exam - This refers to the student's preparation for a case study & student's performance on the presentation for a case study.

More details will be explained in the first class (Day 1). Make sure you attend the first class.

使用ケース一覧 List of Cases


教科書 Textbook

  • Grant Trew「Tactics for the TOEIC Test® Listening & Reading Test Introductory Course Student Book with Online Skills Practice」Oxford University Press(2013)ISBN : 9780194529761

参考文献・資料 Additional Readings and Resource

・OXFORD preparation course for the TOEIC test OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
・Tactics for TOEIC Listening and Reading Test OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
Additional materials will be supplied by the instructor.

授業調査に対するコメント Comment on Course Evaluation

I would like to encourage students to find learning English enjoyable.

担当教員のプロフィール About the Instructor 

・取得学位:修士(応用言語学) ロンドン大学キングスカレッジ

・Education: M.A. in Applied Linguistics  (King's College London)
・Field of Research: Applied Linguistics

(実務経験 Work experience)

2021 ~ 名古屋商科大学  非常勤講師 

2021 ~ Part-time lecturer Nagoya University of Commerce and Business